Our goal at Printer Technicians is to help you cut costs on your printer maintenance by providing you with cost-effective solutions and easy printer support. We do this by providing you with different methods, techniques, and knowledge on how to troubleshoot your printer from whichever error you face.

From the beginning of our journey, we have helped millions of households, organizations, and business firms save on their printer costs.

About Printer Technicians:

Our journey started 12 years ago. Printer Technicians reinvented the term “support” by providing honest and transparent support around the globe. Today, Printer Technicians continue to offer free services and dedicated support to allow any user to troubleshoot their printer.

Some of the services we offer include free assistance, information, printer tips, and guides.

What Do We Support?

(BEST & Quick Printer Support)

We are serving our customers for many years with dedication as a result  our  customers are mostly satisfied with our services.In other words we are the best. While you’re talking about the typical distance from the printer shop, it’s more than 30 miles. Therefore you find that it is difficult to carry a printer that far that’s too much for everyone.

Above all If you know that the printer’s fine when you get to the stores. But the problem is with your computer at home, either due to defective drivers, upgrading the window or perhaps due to print spooler, etc.Besides that since your computer doesn’t communicate with the printer. You have to take it to the same shop, which is inconvenient. For instance If you have a network printer, saving is pointless because you cannot fix the printer offline or at any other nearby printer store. Therefore In this situation, you need to bring your computer. In conclusion you can  contact the Printer Support Department directly in such a scenario.

Why Choose Us?

We provide our customers:

          24/7 Availability

          Secure And Easy

          100 % Costumers Satisfaction

          Free Problem Diagnostics

In addition to the above mentioned we have numerous other advantages since we offer our services very quickly to all users seeking better services 24/7 thus fixing there issues related to printers more efficiently. As a result that problem will not repeat  in the future. Our specialists have extensive knowledge  and will serve the user in no time and solve any problem. Anytime you wish to contact them. Our specialists will readily analyze user problems and offer the user a better way to solve them.

⦁          Response Time:- Our services are responding quickly as compared to the official assistance of the firm.

⦁          Toll-free:- Official assistance that is shorter waiting time is not free of charge in addition to that our toll-free number works 24/7

          Chat support:- The official support system doesn’t offer a chat system. The 24-digit chat support system is provided by us with easy printer support.

⦁          Remote support:- There are no replies for such challenges on the official website, but we provide solutions to all problems.

⦁          On Remote Client Feedback:-  We believe in customer feedback after providing services. But the username cannot use this type of service with official support.

Most Common Printer Problems

Paper Jams:

Paper jams are probably one of the most frustrating issues almost every printer user faces. While your instinct can tell you to rip the paper out, we recommend patience. Before removing the paper, we suggest you refer to the troubleshooting manual of your printer. The most common cause of jams is the misalignment of the paper. Also, use the right kind of paper for your printer.

Poor Quality of Print:

Poor print quality can include smudges, faded lines, and image quality. The first and foremost thing to do is to check your ink cartridges. Make sure you have selected the correct media and that the paper in the tray matches the print driver.

No Print Whatsoever:

In some cases, your printer spits out blank documents while you just stand there and look. Firstly, be sure your printer is well-connected to the WiFi or the ethernet connection. Make sure the tray is not empty. Your printer will give back an “empty tray” warning as well. Lastly, the issue can be related to corrupted drivers.

Printing Takes too Long:

While Wi-Fi printing is more convenient and relatively new, it can also have some problems. Slow printing can be an issue of the printer placed far away from the router. Make sure no object is blocking the connection between router and printer. Last but not least, check if your drivers need to be updated.

We Will Help You Choose a Perfect Printer Fit for Your Needs:


Choosing a printer can be a challenging task. With tons of options available in the market ranging from laser printers to Inkjet printers, we have got you covered with what to choose. Our technical guide will never fail to assist you in selecting a printer when you enter the printer market.

Here are some of the great insights on what to look at while buying a printer that suits all your needs:


Printing Quality:

What’s the point of buying a printer if it cannot print high-quality images/texts? The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing a printer is checking the resolution. Most printers have the capability to print ranging from 360 dpi (dots per inch) to 2880 dpi, while 360 dpi is the lowest mode and 2880 dpi is the highest available resolution in printing.


This is a crucial deciding factor in buying the right printer. The ink droplet size varies from printer to printer. To make sure you are purchasing the right one, ensure the printer supports droplet sizes of 4 to 12 pl. The ink droplets should not be visible to the naked eye, and the printer you buy has various ink configurations.

Printing Speed and Size:

Speed is a personal choice depending on the user and his needs. If you are looking to buy a printer for the office, you should be looking for a laser printer because it can print twice as much as an inkjet printer. The inkjet printer has the capability to print 15 pages per minute for black ink.

As far as the size is concerned, there are two types of printers available in the market. There are commercial printers and personal printers. Both are suitable in their line of work. If you wish to print a big picture or even a flex, you will need a big printer to manage heavier rolls.

If you are confused about which printer size suits you, you can talk to the salesperson about your needs, and he can help you pick the right one. 


A user who is not tech-savvy should look for a printer that is straightforward to operate. User-Friendliness is the most critical factor in buying a printer; you would better not mess around with these expensive machines.

Here are some of the questions you can ask the salesperson for easy guidance:
  • Is the interface user-friendly?
  • Is the system complicated for a routine user?
  • Are there different modes to choose from?
  • Are there enough drivers available for the printer?

Support and Updates

An old printer means you will not receive any future upgrades or driver updates. It is always an excellent option to buy the latest printer, so you are safe from all that trouble.

Wireless Printing and All the Best Things it has to Offer:

Technology is changing rapidly and so is the need for smarter solutions increasing. Wireless printing technology has replaced the traditional printer mechanism.

Let’s have a look at some of the wonders of wireless printers:

Goodbye, wires: Say goodbye to the pile of wires coming in and out of the printer. A wireless printer makes it easy to connect. Be it one user or multiple users, just connect the printer with wifi and you are good to go.

Navigation made easy: With wireless technology, you can direct your printer to print from whatever area in your home. You do not need close proximity for printing.

Expensive but worth it: Wireless printers might be a little expensive when it comes to price. But with that price, they offer tons of features and ease of use. They promise durability and once you invest in them, they will give you a good return on investment.

Resolve Your Printer Issues Easily

printer support

HP printersetup is no rocket science. You need to download and install the relevant drivers for your HP printer. It can be done by going to the official HP printer site and downloading the drivers according to your model number. However, here is a step-by-step guide to your hp printer setup through 123 HP Com Setup……. read more

Steps for Fixing Hp Printer in Error State: Including many common errors found in HP Printers, an error HP printer in error state generally pops up when the HP printer user tries to connect the printer to the device or print any document. This could not be the only reason why HP printer is in …read more

How To Setup Printer On A Network Setting up a network printer is no rocket science at all. In most cases, a series of guides on the LCD will help you connect the printer wirelessly. And in some cases you will need to obtain the printer’s IP address. A wireless printer can be setup with …read more


You can easily setup your printer by opening this url on your browser – http://ij.start.cannon. Thereafter, from the site find your model number and download the printer driver and make connection with WiFi router. is an official website, for downloading the HP printer software. This website is an online help tool designed by the HP technical experts. It helps the user with all technical support for setting up the hp printer to any laptop, desktop or smart device. It also enables users to adapt to the effortless printing process from anywhere in the world. has an answer to all queries related to the hp printer such as:

  • How to connect the printer wirelessly?
  • How to connect the printer with the USB cable?
  • How to install the cartridge in the printer, etc.?

These questions are answered through the above website link. It clears all queries in steps and provides a user-friendly interface to users for setting up the hp printer.

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