It’s another fine day, and you want to print your documents knowing that you have a Brother printer connected. When you go to the print option, it won’t print, and you start wondering where you went wrong. Upon more investigation, you find that you are missing drivers for the printer. Hang tight as we will show you how to do Brother Printer Driver Download And Installation in easy steps.

1) Why are Drivers Important:

Drivers of almost all devices play an essential role in their proper functioning. Then be it the keyboard drivers or the printer’s drivers.

Brother Printer drivers play an essential role in the proper functioning of the printer. You may have come across issues that your Brother printer is not being detected. So, when your Brother printer cannot print normally, it is finally time to download and install brother printer drivers.

There are many ways of installing Brother printer drivers, and we will discuss all of them in detail down below:

2) How to Download and Install Brother Printer Drivers on Windows:

Using three different methods, you can download and install brother printer drivers easily on Windows.

a) Downloading drivers through device manager

b) Downloading drivers automatically

c) Downloading drivers manually (usually through the web)

Let’s go through all three of them one by one.

3) Method 1: Downloading and Updating the Drivers Through Device Manager

  • Open the Device Manager (You can either type it on the windows search bar or follow the path)
Brother Printer Driver Download And Installation
  • You will see a series of different devices connected to the PC. Find and expand the Print Queue
brother printer driver installation
  • Right-click the Brother Printer and select the update driver option
  • Choose the option “search automatically for drivers” option to update your Brother printer’s drivers

4) Method 2: Brother Printer Driver Download And Installation Automatically

If you do not have a lot of time on your hand and want to use the help of a third-party assistant to download the drivers for you, you can use any software such as Driver Booster.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Download and install the Driver Booster software on your computer
  • Run the software and head over to the scan option. The software will scan for relevant, up-to-date drivers for your printer
brother printer driver setup
  • When the scanning is complete, slide down to find the printer or print queue and hit update
  • After the drivers are updated, you will see that the Brother printer is now printing normally and hopefully will not give you an error

5) Method 3: Downloading the Drivers Manually

If, for some reason, both the options don’t work out for you, you still got one left. This option should prove to be the most effective one out of all because you are manually downloading and installing the driver. But you must be patient since you will have to find the drivers for your desired model and OS.

brother printer driver instalation manually
  • You will see a map with different regions, select the region you reside in, and then select the country. In case you cannot see the country, choose other countries
  • On the next page, you can search for the product by entering the model number or selecting the product category to choose the right product’s drivers
brother printer driver setup
  • Write the correct model number and head to downloads
  • A pop-up screen will appear in which you will have to select the correct OS version; in this case, the Windows version and then search
brother printer driver download
  • Now, you can download the suitable Brother printer drivers and follow the instructions to install them

Any problems you were encountering before installing the Brother printer’s drivers should be gone now since the installation of drivers has updated the missed or corrupt drivers installed before.

6) Brother Printer Driver Download And Installation on Mac:

Installing Brother printer drivers on macOS is no hefty task. By following this guide, you can install the drivers and print seamlessly.

Before we dive deep into how to install the drivers on Mac, please ensure that:
  • The Brother printer is well connected to the Mac system
  • If you do not know how to add the printer to an Apple PC, please go to System Preferences >> Printers and Scanners >> Click the Add “+” option >> select the printer from the list, and you are good to go
brother printer driver setup on mac
Now that you have a printer with an active connection with your Apple PC, we will start to download and install the drivers:
  • Go to the Brother’s official support page
  • Choose your region and country, and if you cannot find the country, choose the option of other countries
  • If you know the correct model number of your product, you can search for it in the Product Search section; if not, you can choose the Search by Category option
  • In the Search by Category option, you can see all the types of printers, i.e., Laser, Inkjet, color printers
  • Choose your Brother printer’s model number
  • On the downloads section, select your operating system. In this case, Mac OS
  • Select the Mac OS version you are using on your Apple PC. If you do not know the version of your Mac OS, head over to the top left apple shape,> Click on it > click “About this Mac,” and you can check the model and version of the OS installed
  • Download the drivers for your brother’s printer.
  • If in case you are not able to find the installer package, first extract the file using Macintosh Disk Utility
  • Double click the installer package and follow the on-screen instructions to be able to install the drivers
  • Now, since the installation is complete, turn off the machine and unplug it from the AC outlet. You can disconnect it from Macintosh (if you are already connected using an interface cable)
  • Connect the USB cable to your Mac and then connect it to the machine. Please make sure you do not connect the cable to the keyboard’s USB port
  • Plug the printer’s power cord into an AC outlet and turn it on. The drivers will be installed automatically

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What Brother Printer Drivers are compatible with my Windows 10?

There are two types of printer drivers. One is Brother’s built-in drivers and Brother’s original printer drivers. You can head to the Brother Support Page to ensure you are installing the correct drivers.

Last but not least, it is up to you how you install the drivers. You can do it manually or automatically through the steps listed above.

2) How can I know if the drivers are correctly installed on my Mac OS?

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Select System Preferences
  • Click the Printers and Scanners
  • Check if your machine is located in the list; if its in the list then installation process is complete.

Final Thoughts:

By following the above mentioned steps you can easily download and install brother printer drivers on windows and mac. All the processes endorsed and well described by experts to resolve your printer issues.