Error Code 14 Toner Missing In Printer occurs when the toner cartilage is not placed properly or installed.It can also occur when the toner is empty.In this blog we have explained how to get rid of error code 14 of printer in simple and easy way.To get rid of this error simply remove and reinstall the toner cartridges.Please remove the cartridges with caution as they are important in the functioning of printer and any damage to them can lead to printing failures.

Causes of Error Code 14 or Toner Missing in Printer

Below are some possible causes because of which your printer can get this error :

  • Toner cartridge is not installed properly.
  • Depleted toner.
  • Using defective cassette micro switch.
  • Defective DC controller.

How to Fix Error Code 14 Toner Missing In Printer

The most common would be the contacts on the cartridges are either dirty or damaged which is causing the printer to report it missing. Please keep in mind that the electrical contacts on ink cartridges are generally designed to work during the initial one time use of the cartridge.