Set Up HP Printer Through – Step By Step Guide

HP printersetup is no rocket science. You need to download and install the relevant drivers for your HP printer. It can be done by going to the official HP printer site and downloading the drivers according to your model number. However, here is a step-by-step guide to your hp printer setup through 123 HP Com Setup.

What is

For HP printer setup, HP has made a dedicated website for downloading different HP software. This website is a tool designed by the technical experts of HP printers to set up the printer without any trouble. It helps users with technical reports and allows the device drivers to be downloaded. has different sections and questions to cater to all your printing needs, such as:

  • How to connect the printer wirelessly through the router?
  • Connecting HP printer through the cable
  • Installing cartridges in the printer
  • Downloading mobile application for HP printer

First Thing First: Selecting Appropriate Model:

To set up your HP printer, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • The model number of your HP printer
  • Make sure that the printer is always turned on during setup and connected to the same Wi-Fi as your computer. To do so, press the WIFI button on the printer to make it discoverable
  • Check the firewall blocker; ensure that the firewall is not blocking the printer

HP Printer Setup Through Windows by

Installation of HP printer through windows is an easy process. For HP printer setup, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the printer
  • Connect your HP printer wirelessly through a Wi-Fi router. If you are not sure how to connect HP printer through Wi-Fi, go through the guide below
  • After connecting your printer with Wi-Fi, go to download the HP printer drivers for your model number
hp printer setup
  • After the download is finished, go to the directory or folder where you have downloaded the drivers
  • Double click the driver file and follow the on-screen guide to install the HP printer drivers in your system

After you have installed the relevant HP printer drivers for your printer, follow further steps to add your printer to your PC:

  • Click on the start button and search for Control Panel and then click on Devices and Printers
  • On top, you will see the “Add a printer” option. Choose the add printer option.
Set Up HP Printer Through
  • You will see a pop-up tab where you will see your printer. Select your printer and click next to continue the installation
  • Wait for a few moments, and you will see that your printer is added to your PC via

HP Printer Setup Through Mac:

To connect your HP printer to your mac, follow these effective steps:

  • Make sure printer is connected to a power source and is turned on
  • Connect your HP printer to a wireless router. If you do not know how-to, follow the guide below to continue HP printer setup
  • Mac and Windows both require the printer’s driver installation. For this, go to and download the HP printer driver for MAC OS
  • When the driver downloads, go to downloads and install the HP printer drivers

After installing the drivers for HP printer setup, follow the next steps to add the printer to your MAC:

  • Go to the top left corner and click on the Apple logo
  • A drop-down menu will open; click on system preferences
Printer setup
  • A menu will appear. From there, click Printers and Scanners
  • After clicking on Printers and scanners, another window will open, which will show the number of printers connected
  • On the bottom left, you will see a “+” sign; click on it for HP printer setup
  • On the next window, you will see HP printer ready to connect
  • To complete HP printer setup, click on the printer, and you are good to go

HP Printer Setup Through Smartphone:

HP printer setup through smartphone is very easy. You can connect to your HP printer without needing to get up or open the computer. Let’s see how you can connect to an HP printer through a smartphone:

  • First, ensure that the printer is in working condition and plugged in a power source
  • Make sure that the printer and mobile are connected to the same network. In case they are not, the process will not work
  • Download the HP ePrint app through and install it on your phone
  • Open the app, grant the necessary permissions and log in with your email address
  • Now open the file or folder on your phone you want to print, load it in the app and print it
  • HP printer setup is complete here; you can connect your printer through the link Connecting Printer to Router:

When you buy a new printer, you need to connect it to your wireless network, also known as a router. Let’s see the steps involved in HP printer setup:

  • Turn on the HP printer to start the operation
  • Use the touchscreen display on the printer to bring it into wireless connection mode
  • From the touchscreen, press “setup” and then select “network” from the extended menu
  • Select wireless network setup. Your HP printer will start searching for nearby routers in the range to connect
  • Select your network from the list of networks
  • Your printer will ask for a WPA password. Enter the password of your Wi-Fi network and press “done.”
  • Press OK to confirm the wizard settings and OK to print the report of connection
  • Your HP printer setup is complete, and your printer is ready to print

Final Thoughts:

This detailed guide will help you with HP printer setup by different mediums such as MAC, windows, and smartphones. All the processes endorsed and well described by experts to resolve your printer issues.